5 Simple Techniques For How To Capture The Beauty Of Fine Jewelry

A lot of variations in shots with every different product may puzzle your consumer. So first, document everything lightings, cam settings, devices position, item position, and background before you begin the precious jewelry photography. One of the most crucial tools you truly require for gemstone fashion jewelry photography is a macro lens.

While shooting with a DSLR, a suitable macro lens ensures that you will get the most elegant images beyond the size. While choosing a macro lens, you need to consider: Having a much shorter focal length, which will help you take a much better look and expose minute information in a bigger piece of precious jewelry. Select another one with a longer focal length so that you can take photos from a comfy range.


8 Di VC USD Macro that allows you to catch remarkably comprehensive images. An unstable camera is the worst headache for every professional photographer. When dealing with small precious jewelry pieces, even the tiniest motion brought on by the hand holding the electronic camera will result in a blurred picture in the last photography.


It will help if you are looking for a removable tripod ball head, Arca Swiss compatible ball head, and a spirit level either on the tripod head or legs. Taking a picture of any Beauty Products Suppliers South Africa and shiny fashion jewelry with your cam’s flash is not an excellent idea to photograph precious jewelry. It will show the brilliant light that will leave your item covered in white light areas and with insensitive shadows in the background.

The Definitive Guide for How To Photograph Jewelry In Studio For E-commerce

So, it is recommended to position the jewelry piece near a window and take a photo in the daytime to get natural, more flattering, and boosted results. However, once again, bright sunshine can develop reflections. You can cover the window with a white sheet or paper piece (not any other color as it can change the light’s color) to get the soft light for when you photograph fashion jewelry.

While you are into it, switch off all the other unnecessary sources of lights in the room. Do not mix various kinds of lightings that will complicate the setup and produce various color variants. The precious jewelry’s reflective home suggests it can absorb all the other colors and make your photographs dull.

White shows light, so your items will be much better lit if you shot on a white background. As the jewelry’s size is small, you do not need to stretch a white sheet from wall to wall to develop a white background but can photograph precious jewelry with a little less hassle.

In this manner, you will get the total cover around your piece. Once you pass the newbie level and step up in fashion jewelry photography, there will be absolutely nothing incorrect with being a bit more creative. If you can understand the fundamentals of photographing fashion jewelry, establishing lighting and background effectively, you can experiment further with your shot.

6 Easy Facts About How To Capture The Beauty Of Fine Jewelry Shown

So initially, you need to understand how the background colors and other components interact with the product. After that, you can complement the precious jewelry and make it more appealing to stand apart from other fashion jewelry photography. Simplicity is crucial to showing the product with its natural details. Keep a simple and clean background for all your products.