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” The Simpsons” first debuted in 1989 and is the longest-running animated series. Have a look at more realities about popular TELEVISION shows on the next page. Ad Comedian Jerry Seinfeld’s self-titled program mastered the successful sitcom formula and was also released in 1989. TV Guide ranks “Seinfeld” as one of the most popular TELEVISION shows of perpetuity.

The sitcom was the highest-rated TELEVISION show from 1952-1955, and some consider it the leading comedy in the history of tv. Thought about to be the most popular program in the 1980s by TELEVISION Guide, “The Cosby Show” very first aired in 1984. It was initially pitched to ABC and was turned down, but went on to be a hit at NBC.

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According to Nielsen ratings, the program is connected with the “Cosby Show” and “All in the Household” as having the most consecutive seasons ranked as primary. Ad 2 years before “American Idol,” “Survivor” launched truth TV in the United States in Might 2000. The initial version was a Swedish truth series called “Expedition Robinson,” which premiered in 1997.

In 2010 it won the People’s Choice Award for finest funny. In the drama category, “Mad Men” was the first basic cable television series to win an Emmy Award for Impressive Drama Series. The cast is pictured here after winning the award in 2011. The program also won in 2008, 2009, and 2010.

” Buddies” premiered in 1994, and when it ended in 2004, it was among the most seen series finales. The six primary stars all got paid $1 million per episode in the ninth and tenth seasons. Ad The series ending of “Cheers” in 1982 was also one of the most-watched endings of perpetuity.

” The Sopranos” is among the most financially effective cable television series to date, even before Best Action Comedy Movies 2020. It premiered on HBO in 1999 as a story about a modern-day mob manager. In 2009 “Household Person” was the first animated series given that the Flintstones to be nominated for an Emmy for Impressive Funny Series. The cast from “Home M.D.” poses throughout the Individuals’ Choice Awards 2010.