15 Easy Photography Promotion Ideas

A lot of photographers make the mistake of letting their marketing slip when they are busy. When things slow down, they find that customers are no longer coming through the door.








Here are fifteen easy photography marketing ideas to help you elevate your business profile.

What other mistakes have you make marketing your photography business, or seen others make? All the best to you as you work to market your photography business!.

That’s what we do here at the joy of marketing – research and develop the best photography marketing ideas for professional photographers. And then share them with you. We even have our own testing ground, Sarah petty photography, a boutique portrait studio in Springfield, il, where we use what we teach to attract photography clients to grow our own 18-year-old, a 6-figure photography business.

To start, scout for promotion companies or professionals where potential clients spend money, yet aren’t in competition with you. Identify where your target market goes on the weekend. Determine where their kids spend after-school hours. If you are a wedding photographer, partner with wedding venues and see if you share images with them. Reach out to businesses and pitch ideas where both parties will benefit from using photography marketing.

Use Social Media Marketing to Increase Your Audience

When it comes to marketing portrait photography, spending some of your free time volunteering is one way to get your work out there. For instance, you can volunteer to photograph a charity event such as a fundraising banquet or do professional website headshots for employees for a charity. The event organizers will be highly motivated to actually use your photos on their social media or website.

It doesn’t matter if you have the best looking booth—if it doesn’t draw traffic you likely won’t be returning to the even next year. What have you done to promote your presence at the event? think of ways to create buzz. This can be in the form of social media, swag, games or contests, etc. Remember, other exhibitors and sponsors at the event are trying to connect with the same audience. Make sure you give that audience a reason to seek you out.

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Social media plays a vital role in enhancing the reach of business among its target audience. Create a Facebook page especially for your photography business. The page should contain photos that showcase your skills as a professional photographer. Give a crisp and engaging description of the photos. Your engaging and fresh posts of photos and texts will show up on your followers and other people’s feeds.

Responding to comments is a great way to build a strong community on Instagram. If someone takes the time to share their thoughts with you, it’s important to respond back to them and show that you’re listening. Listening and responding to your audience can be a great way to encourage positive word of mouth and create new brand advocates, as highlighted by a study conducted by the internet advertising bureau found that 90% of consumers would recommend a brand to others after interacting with them on social media.

There are a few things you can do when it comes to partnerships with various wedding vendors:
include them in your client guide & ask them to feature you in their recommended photographers list
tag them in blog posts & on social media, as most will return the favor and gladly share your work with credit coming back your way. Guess what, your target audiences are the same – so you get free advertising within a relevant community.

certainly, after having worked with multiple digital marketing and social media agencies, we have finally landed on a winner and hit a home run with lyfe marketing. As a result, their social media strategies helped drive qualified traffic to our website, reduce conversion cost, and increase revenue per visitor.

Photographers can broaden their audience by participating in online photo contests. Sites like pexels. Com, viewbug. Com, and shoot and share. Com host free monthly or daily contests. In the case of pexels, the photo submissions are then available as part of a free stock photo library. When users download your photo, they are linked to your social media channels or can donate directly to your PayPal account.

Top 10 Tips For Promoting A Photography Business

Search engine optimization is critical back-end work that helps potential customers easily find your site through a google search. The photography business that has the #1 spot in a search gets the majority of the traffic, the company listed second gets the next largest group of traffic, and so on. Getting that #1 spot is the trick, and Zach is the master of SEO, especially in the photography industry. I highly recommend his search engine cookbook for photographers because it takes you to step by step through the latest changes and trends that will keep you at the top of google search (or any other search engine). Quick tips for search engine optimization.

10 Ways to Promote Your Portrait Photography Business

Do something different, something that not one of your competitors does, or that no one else does better than you. There are endless ways to differentiate from your competitors, from your attitude towards clients, better offers, extra perks (offering polaroid prints, or bringing a mini-printer to events). Find out what makes your clients tick, and what they currently love about you, and use that to further promote your photography business.

There’s a ton of wedding and portrait blogs out there that feature photography, and there are some portrait blogs that feature portrait photographers as well. Get featured if you can, then promote it where your clients can see it. There’s nothing wrong with reminding them how awesome you are. It’s simply good business.

Directories and listing websites such as bing places, the yellow pages, or yelp are go-to places that people frequently turn to in order to find a business in their geographical area. If you photograph events, weddings, newborns, or portraits, free online directories should be one of the first places you promote your photography business.

50 ways to promote your photography business

Obviously, photographers want to spend most of their time taking photos. However, if you take yourself seriously and want to set up a successful photography business, then you need to dedicate some time to raise your profile and promote your work. Running any kind of business means you’ll have to wear many different hats, and in this instance, you’ll need to be both a good photographer and a good marketer for your business.

Remember when I said at the beginning that there’s no “shortcut” to market yourself as a photographer? well, it’s true! marketing yourself will be a lot of work, it will take time and you must be persistent in your efforts. There are many ways you can spend your money and efforts with regards to marketing, but I’m going to share with you a 5-step plan to market your photography business if you’re just getting started, or are going through a transition.

There is a multitude of social networks where you can promote your photography business for free. All you need to do is make your profile and start uploading your content. Sites such as 500px or Flickr are especially suitable for all new photographers who want their work to catch on.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so why not make sure that yours is the photography company that people use to express themselves? these photography promotional products are an easy and affordable way to get your company’s name in front of people’s eyes. In fact, these photography industry giveaways are just what you need to increase your business in the coming years. Choosing these simple photography industry promotional items will keep your company’s name in lights, long after the flashbulbs have gone off. So choose to make a memory and give customers and clients these photography promotional products.

Putting your creative and technical skills to work creating gorgeous photos that help sell clients’ products is just the start when it comes to building your photography business. Finding ways to market your business so it stands out from competitors is also important so you keep your shooting calendar filled. Start by always carrying a portfolio of your best product photos –– even in today’s high-tech world, most prospective clients want to see print samples so they get a solid feel for your work.

Does your idea of photography still include the wind-up disposable cameras at summer camp? would you consider your experience taking selfies to be the bulk of your photography skills? well, you’ve come to the right spot!
if your boss has requested some “high-quality” product photographs to promote your business or to use in online advertising, do not break out in a panicked sweat! I’m confident you can learn everything you need with these fourteen product photography tips, ideas, and techniques.

this is the third in a series of nine articles on the nine steps necessary to complete a successful freelance photography job. In the first two articles, presentation and client contact, we examined how to put your portfolio together to present the most effective presentation of your work, and then how to select the clients that would most benefit from viewing your work, and for whom you would most like to work. In this article, we will move to the next step which is how do you keep those potential informed and interested so your name is at the top of their minds when they are looking for the right talent for their next project. In other words, how can you promote your work most effectively and market yourself most efficiently?

No matter how professional the stock photo, it will always be someone else’s vision and someone else’s interpretation of the idea, concept, emotion, etc. That you are trying to convey. As the old adage goes, “a picture is worth a 1000 words. ” when it comes to your website, why would you want those words to be someone else’s? with custom photography, you have control over what thoughts and emotions your website conveys. From a marketing perspective, that is huge. Regardless of whether it is a personal purchase decision or one for business, emotions and feelings always have an impact on decisions, even if it is a small impact.